maintenance of natural stone
maintenance of natural stone
October 31, 2021
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November 13, 2021
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parquet or natural stone

parquet or natural stone

Parquet or natural stone

Parquet or natural stone? Which do you choose? In this article, we try to examine the differences between parquet and natural stone and get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this way, we will have a better decision when choosing the flooring material for the house. Note: We mean parquet, natural wood tiles. That is, the same original parquet, not laminate or PVC flooring. This was due to the fact that recently, among the general public and even sellers of interior decoration, parquet means more wood laminates. So we needed to know exactly what parquet meant. Be with KStone.



Natural stones often convey a sense of luxury. The variety of colors makes them very flexible and easily adapts to any theme you choose for your home. The patterns, lines and streaks on its surface are very distinct and unrepeatable. This means that each marble is unique and the patterns are not found anywhere else. Light colors white and cream, dark including gray and black as well as green and pink and blue when perfectly polished, create a unique glow that will definitely be unique.


Wood flooring is ideal if you want to create a family atmosphere, comfortable and full of peace and feeling. Wood flooring is a combination of feeling, beauty and fantasy. Wood also has lines and grooves that are unique in their kind. Long, vertical lines on the surface help make rooms look bigger, especially if they have lighter colors. Like natural stone, there is a wide range of shades and colors for wooden boards and you can easily choose your favorite color. But there is a remarkable point, that the wood is expected to have a natural color. So you have a very limited choice when it comes to color variation compared to stone.

floor temperature

Natural stone is always considered a "cool" flooring material because it does not store any heat. It actually helps to reflect any heat from the floor. This is why your feet feel cool when you walk on it. In the southern cities of the country, where the weather is usually hot and humid throughout the year, stone is one of the materials that can help you get a lower temperature in the house without the help of electronic cooling equipment. So rocks are ideal options for Hot and dry areas.

Wood parquet retains more heat. Wood itself is not a very hot material, but it absorbs a little more heat than stone. So it can be a better option for cold regions.

Maintenance and durability

Parquet or natural stone is better? the stone is very easy to maintain. Because this material is actually a hard rock, it is resistant to bacteria and fungi and requires virtually no active maintenance effort. It is hard to scratch and it is very easy to clean. You can easily clean and polish the stone surface with just a damp cloth. Natural stone is usually not prone to stains and can withstand damage for years. Wood flooring suffers more wear and tear due to its softness. Especially after several years, these injuries will become more apparent. That is, they are prone to injury, so they need more care. Cleaning usually requires special materials and like the stones are not easy to clean at all. You should also be careful about the ingress of liquid and moisture into the wood as it may cause germs to grow on the wood. Of course, it should be noted that what is considered a problem by some, is considered an advantage by others. This means that some people do not care about scratches and therefore believe that these scratches give more character to the wood. They like aging process because they believe that wood conveys more sense in this state.

In short, is it better to install stone flooring or wood?

Both types of flooring have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are looking to create a luxurious atmosphere, stone is a better choice. But if you are looking to create a calm and emotional atmosphere, wood is an ideal choice. It goes without saying that stone is also a natural substance and is able to convey that pure feeling of being natural, but with a wider range. That is, the stones, due to their unique diversity, can create both a luxurious atmosphere and a calm, cozy and emotional atmosphere. Budget is also a determining factor. Because wood flooring has a high price. But stones have a various range of prices and you can choose the stone depending on the desired cost. In some cases they are cheaper than wood, but there are some stones that have a much higher price than wood. The other thing is, depending on the type of decoration and design you are considering, your choice will be different. In this regard, stone, Due to the wide variety of designs and colors, can give you more options of different architectural styles, including minimal, modern or classic. The result is that the choice of flooring material really depends on your budget, the location of the flooring and the decoration you are considering.

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